What Is Zelis Payments ? How To Pay Bills Using Zelis Payment ?

Zelis payments is an electronic payment providing platform focused on Healthcare insurer’s payment of medical, dental, and workers’ competition to pay Healthcare providers more efficiently and reduces paper-based payments into electronic payments. Zelis Payments get paid a week faster than mailed checks or cards and improve cash flow.

Zelis payments were started in 2016, located in New Jersey, United States. And its net worth is 25* million dollars.

In today’s modern world, people are choosing a quicker and more efficient way to get their jobs done. Switching to online or electronic payment methods provides you the technologically advance and safe platform to pay Healthcare insurance payments using ‘zelis payments’

How to create an account on Zelis payments?

To create a new account on Zelis payments, you can go to their official website and follow the below steps to create an account

  • Go to the official website of zelis payments
  • Then click on the login button it’ll open a new tab
  • then click on ‘sign up now which will open a new tab for ‘ registration ‘ for new users.
  • Fill up the information in the ‘about your practice’ tab and submit it.
  • Your zelis payments account will get credited after you submit that information.

How to login into zelis payments?

Zelis payments login is easy, you just have to go to on their official website then follow the steps given below

  • Click on ‘provider’s login’ button
  • Use your login ID (username & password)
  • Click on login. This is how you can easily login into your zelis payment account, make payments using zelis payments.


How to make payments using zelis payments?

Once you enroll in zelis payments, you attach your bank account details to your account on Zelis payments.

It makes ‘ automatic payment ‘ wherever you require. It’s an easy & efficient way with quick completion of payment.


Frequently asked questions


Who uses zelis payments ?

Zelis payments is useful for medical, dental and workers competition insurers to provide Healthcare and make there more quickly than check and visuals card’s.


How do I process a zelis payment?

Once you enroll into ‘zelis payments’ your funds get transferred automatically into your bank account, you just have to choose a plan to. Make payment.


How do I cancel my zelis payment?

If you would like to make a request, cancel your account, or request zelis deletes or no longer use your account information to provide you Services, please contact zelis at ‘[email protected]


How do I contact zelis?

For any additional information or questions can contact  Zelis Payments’ Client Service Department at (877) 828-8770.


How much does zelis charge for ACH?

Zelis charges less than 2% on your paying amount. And it becomes more efficient as amount paid gets bigger.

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