Top 5 Portals To Pay Hospital Bills Online

It becomes very much hectic to go to the hospitals & medical stores for payment in our day to day life. So, most of the people prefer to make digital payments.

Well, you know that with the advancement of technologies, digital payment has gained its demand. But, many times, people make payments at the wrong places. The reason behind this can be a lack of awareness about online payment portals.

So, I will talk about some top online portals with the help of which you can make secure payments. Let us begin our discussion.


This is one of the popular online bill payment portal which allows users to pay there hospital bills while sitting at home. Their are various ways of doing payment at peryourhealth You just need an hospital receipt or bill, so you can easily pay the bills online without any worry.



QuickPay portal is one of the most popular and secure ways to make online transactions. As the name of the portal implies, it allows users to make quick payments.

For making payment, you need to visit the official website of Athena healthcare, and then you will be redirected to the payment portal. You only need to enter the necessary details and proceed with the payment.


CureMD is again one of the most popular and secured online payment methods. It supports electronic remittances, auto charge capture, payer management, etc.

It comes with inbuilt electronic remittance advice (ERA). It allows users to view benefit explanations by different level providers. It also supports excellent billing and collection functionality.

Moreover, CureMD also allows users to assign CPT and ICD codes. With these codes’ help, you can also get e-Statements of all the procedures performed on patients. Official website of cureMd is here.

EpicCare EMR:

EpicCare EMR comes with an ANSI ASC*12N interface. It offers strong claim management features and allows users to keep track of the record’s status.

It is a module that allows users to keep all the details of the patient in one place. It also allows you to print electronic superbills, send or print the statements. EpicCare will automate the coding charges and reduce the billing process. Also, it will manage collection efficiently.

Its EMR lets the users manage excellent payments for all the clinic bills in a single statement.

Advanced Billing:

Advanced billing comes with a centralized cloud-based medical billing solution. The dynamic solution integrates with scheduling, front office, and clearinghouse solutions for auto payment.

Moreover, it also offers a built-in list of insurance payers, processes claims, etc.

Advanced billing integrates through OpenEdge technology. It lets users make payments securely and easily. You don’t need to worry about the loss of money or loss of data.


NueMD is mainly popular for its simple and user-friendly interface. Its drop-down menu makes it easier for the patients to fix appointments. It gives you multiple days and time options so that you can choose as per your convenience.

Moreover, there is no fear of data loss or money loss as they have a very strict security policy. Millions of users say that it is one of the most secure and easiest ways to make payments.

Features of online billing portals:

Online billing portals help you in the following ways:

  • Lets you schedule your appointments without any physical meeting.
  • It makes billing easier and convenient for users.
  • And it allows you to check the history of transactions.
  • It lets you fill out pre-visit forms.
  • You can also send messages to the healthcare team.
  • Also, it keeps your medical record updated.

Moreover, these portals have also helped doctors in many ways. As most of the patients prefer to schedule their appointments online, it has become very efficient and easy for the doctors to handle their office.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are our online billing portals safe for making transactions?

Online portals offer safe transactions. However, there are many fake portals also on the internet. So, always be very careful whenever you make any online payment.

How do these portals help hospitals?

It helps hospitals in many ways like it reduces data entries, helps in eliminating crowd, increases efficiency, and a lot more.

What is I do not understand the payment procedure?

The payment procedure is very simple and easy to understand. However, if you face any difficulties, every billing portal has a customer care team. You can contact them anytime.

The Final Verdict:

I hope that you have got all the details about the best online billing portals. Online billing portals have helped patients as well as doctors. It is inconvenient for the patients to stand in the queue for hours and hours to wait for their turn.

So, it has made everything very easy for the patients. On the other hand, with online appointment scheduling, doctors can handle their office to work more and more efficiently.

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