Visit Invitation Number Login Guide Invitation Number: Chase Ink credit cards are a boon to business owners who can benefit from them immensely. Chase will send you an invitation letter to get the ink cards if you are running a business. If you are confused about what to do and how to proceed with the invitation, please read this post. We are sure you will find this Getchaseink invitation number guide helpful. There is three kinds of business credit cards issued by Chase which are InkCash, InkBold, and InkPlus business cards. 

If you have received an invitation in your mail from Chase to get an Ink card, then it just means that you can apply for it. Simply receiving an invitation doesn’t guarantee you a card. Your credit score must fit the requirements of Chase in order for you to get an Ink card. If you are pre-screened, you’re your scores would have already been checked and deemed fit. Even if you running a small business, you can get the card provided your credit score is above 650. If you are confused about how to apply for this card, this post will surely help you with it.

What To Do If You Receive GetChaseInk Invitation?

If you have received mail for an invitation to apply for a Chase Ink Credit card, there are only simple steps to apply for the card. Your invitation will contain a twelve-digit number and also a link to the website of Chase. Go to that website by clicking the link and enter your Zipcode and twelve-digit invitation number. Fill in the details if asked which will take only a few minutes. After that submit the application and it will get approved soon if the credit score is good. Or else, don’t worry, you can get it within 7 business days.\

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How To Apply And Register For A GetChaseInk Card?

While trying to apply for the Chase Ink Credit card, you will need to fill in some information related to your business. You will be asked about the name of your business, what name you want to appear on the card and the address of your business. Also, the number of employees working and the phone number will be required while filling in. Additionally, taxpayer identification number, category of your business, and revenue will be asked. Personal information must also be filled in like address, email Id, SSN, and your gross annual income. You have to submit these details in order to apply and get your card.


Steps To Login Into GetChaseInk Account

We have given the steps needed to login into your Chase credit card account online. Please follow them and get access to your chase account.

  • Visit the Chaseink login homepage from your browser.
  • Once you land on its homepage, type in your username and password.
  • You can find a sign-in icon and upon clicking it, you will access your Chase ink account.

How To Forget/Reset GetChaseInk Account Password?

In case you forgot the password, just visit the website of Chase Ink again to regain access. We have given the steps for this below.

  • The first step is to browse for the chase ink login homepage.
  • When you are directed to the chase ink homepage, you will find a “Forgot Password” link.
  • Click on that specific link and comply with their instructions to recover your account of chase ink credit card.
  • Make sure you have your SSN with you while beginning the retrieving process.

Steps To Activate Card and Getchaseink Customer Service Number

After you receive your Chase ink business card, you must activate it first. You can do it by calling 1-800-432-3117 which is the customer care number of the chase. They will instruct you on how to activate your business preferred chase ink card. You can even do it online by signing in with your login credentials and verifying that you have received your card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are eligible to apply for Chase Business Card?

Anyone who runs a for-profit business venture can apply for a Chase card. However, the bank will be the final decision maker in approving the card.

Within how many days will they issue the card?

Credit card approval can happen immediately but sometimes, the review will be needed by the bank. This may take up some extra time usually 7 days. You will need to provide additional information if the bank asks.

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