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How to activate sears card online using Don’t know, follow the below article to get more information on sears cards.

Sears has earned a name as an entity that is there for its esteemed customers. Likewise, as per its nature, shoppers at Sears have now got a way to get loads of rewards and benefits by signing up for Sears MasterCard.

What is Sears MasterCard?

Well, it is basically a credit card which Citibank has issued and various stores accept it, as a way of transactions. It offers an online portal that has been greatly used by new customers for activating their cards. For regular and loyal customers, there are many rewards that are waiting. They are in the form of bonuses, gifts, cash-backs, additional credit points, etc. During the time of signing up, the user gets one or more than one time benefits which make the users quite excited as they are able to save their hard-earned money. Yes, they are able to get purchase discounts. Above all, you know that thanks to cashless payments, things automatically get simplified, easy, and hassle-free as Sears has made sure that customers don’t get any issues henceforth. Isn’t it?

How To Activate Sears Card?

As you have the coveted Citibank Sears card, you need to activate it for use online. The whole process of activation is easy, simple, and hassle-free while Citibank ensures that you are able to undergo the process without any hitch.

You need important details such as Card Number, Name (which is mentioned), Security Card along with the Last 4 Digits of the SSN of the Primary Cardholder. Ensure that you have such details handy with you.

Activate Sears Card Online:-

  • Visit the official Sears Credit Card site
  • As required, you need to enter the details (mentioned above)
  • Based on the correct details you have provided, it is simply a matter of time that you are going to witness the activation of the card

Activate Sears Card Over Phone

  • It is true that if you activate the card over the phone, you will tend to complete the process a lot quicker and faster.
  • You need to dial the toll-free number 1 (800) 589-7327 and activate it. This is Citibank’s activation line.
  • The customer care executive on the other end will verify and authenticate the information which you provide including the information relating with occupation you are associated with.
  • You need to also provide a seventeen-digit card number along with the PIN to the authorities of customer care for activating the Sears card online. As the process of verification is complete, your card will be activated which usually takes10 to 15 minutes.
  • In a rare scenario if your card is still left to be activated beyond the stipulated time mentioned, then you should contact customer care immediately.

As the portal receives commands, Citibank makes sure to finish the task with perfection and easiness. So, overall it turns out to be a hassle-free, easy, and extremely simple task to get the best of benefits that you are looking for.

In case you need activation related assistance, then you can dial 1(800)815-7701


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Sears account online?

It is very easy for you to access your card online. Simply visit the Sears credit card login page. As you are on the login screen, you need to enter your username and password. After entering the details, select the “Sign On” button. Make sure that the name on the card should be entered as it is.

Where can I use Sears’s credit card to avail myself of benefits?

The Sears MasterCard is backed and served by Citibank which is a trusted financial institution and lender. One can avail of discounts at various Sears Holding company stores such as Sears Grand, Sears Auto Centers, Sears hardware along with many others. Now, you can use these places to get discounts on products.

Sears Card Activation through Mail

If for any reason you want to try any other method than the rest, then you also have the option of doing it through the mail. Simply write a letter to the headquarters where make sure to provide details in the form of your name which appears on the card, date of birth, card number along social security number.

What are the additional tips which new cardholders should follow?

New Cardholders are strongly advised to fully read the agreement and they are equally requested to sign at the back of their card for enhanced security.

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  1. I got a new card and needed to activate. When I called to activate, I was told I would receive a new pin number. I do not need a new pin number. I am familiar with the one I have. I have had this account number and password for some time. I have had my sears card since 1970. My card number is 5121 0797 8958 2530. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE.


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